Monday, October 29, 2007

"Persian Prophesy, For Pussies"

"Cheney shooting doves,
I ran, U ran, we ran, 'til
We met the faux, US!"
Ugo Pogo, ancient Asian sage.

Auchtung Alles:

This War, won't be with Iran.
We'll All get to play 'til the end.
'Cause Russia, China, +
All of us Mooks will have
NO choice but to conclude,

Dublya's da fuck-wit, ne plus ultra,
Since the Urban Papacys.

So, came a singular, Saudi signal
Via OBL, pissed over the fucking given, by
Ronnie+G1, to their Mujahideen manques in
Russo-Afghan fiasco.

Goofy, Gun totin' G.I.'s
Strutting around, in Mecca and Medina!

A payback poke,
"Wake-up Assholes!"
Albeit prodigious,
Property crime or Righteous retribution?

For many, many Millions slaughtered,
In the name of "American Interests"?
(viz. BIG OIL)

Here we go Loop-de-Loop.

From a "Clear Blue Sky"? Not really.
Jett Rink, on Hols!
Arbusto ranchero, pass the dinero.

Sure, 9/11 involved some,
"Collateral Damage."
Though in neither kind or degree equivalent to:

1/Multi-Millions of "Left-over" land-mines.
Whose I.E.D.'s are those Yanks?
Can U say "Depleted uranium Ammo"?

2/Monthly totals, of slaughtered,
Middle Eastern Children.

3/Bi-monthly totals, NRA sanctioned
Handgun homocides, in da Heartland.

4/Daily Totals, of "Fucking Faith Based"
Un-wished Babies.
You reborn, Cretins!

5/Hourly Totals, of Children poisoned,

Still, 9/12/01,
We All gathered 'round, to help, +
Were promptly told to,
(once the goat-petting was done)

Except Tony, the frosted flake, Grrrrate!

A kwick Kabul feint, then
Abandonning Afghans to Nato,
Cheney+Crew convince the, CHC-in-Chief,
That Iraq's "OIL BIDNE$$!"

Now, here we go AGAIN!

"Bomb, Bomb, Bomb...Bomb, Bomb Iran!"
Who Hah, You? Huh!

So, at some point, SOON,
ALL you craven cowards,
In the "Land of the Free" better
Stand up, or STFU.

Gutless, shameless, whining, ignorant dummies.
Bending over! The better to be buggered?
By Bush? The Scofflaw? Cheerleading Chimp?

Romanian Children, Balinese Women,
Make Yanquis,
Look like the Pussies,
That they are now, and always have been.

"Gun Crazed" exceptionalist, chickenshit

In a pinch, there's always the Haig?
"Bring 'em on over."

All those "Funny" little newsy noosies?
They're for necks.
Either Bush/Cheney or Yours.
You choose, Yankee Diddles.

Lucky Canucks, may still vote,
Our very own, local Bushy BumBoys Out.
We had better do it, pronto!

"Get these mutts away from me..
"This ain't funny anymore!"

Whaddaya, Whaddaya?