Friday, October 19, 2007

Mel G's New Smash, "Deliver us from Weasels" Boffo at B.O.

Sea Folks, it's hotter, the Grid kicks, now+again, and

ALL the ICE, (top+bottom) in Yr. freezer, (or on a small Planet)

MELTS: + Wet Water flows, downhill, even faster than cold hard W,

Although some 'liquidity' has its place,

WTF shall these children DO when/if they are old, like us?

So, since we're all careening towards, assuming THE position, (in the Summary Kitchen) with GAIA, enaways, perhaps,

While not, altogether, abandonning some useful divertimentos,

DUYA THUNK, just maybe, (Can U spell hand-basket?)

WE should QUIT watchin' ALL these, tacky,

Stale, mundane, dreary, glottal-stopping,

"Re-(pubic=canned)-runs" of "Deliverance,"

Catch the twang, in our thang?

(Ain't that, a "Berry" ding-a-ling?)

"She was only a boot-leggers daughter, but Lord I love her

Still," On rare occassion, a Movie "CRYS OUT" for,

HOMAGE, Right(eous):

(Never say never Newt!)

How about, "D2" The Re-Make, Mel's latest parabola of psalms to sickening, sex+violence?



"Loose the RUM BALLS, Smithers!"

"Coming soon to a screen, (in Yr. jeans) Aye pods,

"S'wash yer bucks, shivvver me.... arrgh Mateys."

Tippi-Canoeing, Gitchi Niagara, just upstream, from



Bearing a (short) point, W.NNW.(TRUE)

(If you can keep sidereal, on waxing declinations,
When all about you, others (w)reckon,
Yr. splice's knot kwhite write)

"Avast ye scurvy curs,

"Log it, don't flog it,

"Yeah, you would, Stock,") well,

Much jocular 'mooning', aux canots,

By+large+by+with, each other, +those,

Wiccad sleek Lee low ryder,

(Why can't we, be friends?)

Tight, panting alt 'Honeys,'

Lingering lubriciously, on the Canuck side.

Quel dommage, ou tant pis? Well, it all 'depends.'

Under the drinking Gordo, Terminus of ye olde, The Underground RR.

Plusiers des chansons, pour nos joyeaux voyageurs, as

They come abreast.... of (petting) Goat Island.


The Last Chance, So-Soon, So-Long, Saloon,"

It's high noon, no moon, June, Looney Tunes, a boonery.

Snappy, Boozy frat-chat on how, to best, exploit:

Esoteric 'bundles' of derivitive bushwa, for mega-bucks.

Yeehaw! (on roulant ma boule roulant)

Butt will, our roguish rowers:

Rue, rue, rue, the day?
Repent? Retreat? Rehab?
Report for Repechange?
Reap Booty or Residuals?

Whew! A veritable cliffhanger, Folks, perilous-er than

Pauline, Johnson!

O.K.? U got the drift, now its Yr. story,

Yo, U da "Director." Bring it ON>

N.B. All Senarios, no returns.

Superior sagas get digital, two-way wrist radios, that get dick, E byes.

{We eddy, towards a daring denoument, where nifty, laser swords,

Transform, in a timely fashion, into neato, nimbus (2008) paddles.

(Gotta luv the demographic)

Or, a more spiritual dangle:

"Nary a, dree e' in tha' Kirks" when,

At the mad (cli) max, Land o' Goshen, 'Salvation!'

(Premium subscribers get BONUS, redemption, FREE, sign up/in NOW)

By way of beautifully buoyant,

Braveheart(ed) brantis, (canadiensis)

(Amphib-Airborne, Adm. Anna Paquin (OIC) NORAD CENCOM.)

Cheering throngs, great+full, agree to, NO MORE:

Thongs, (on viagara) sur la plage, etc.
Goosing the goslings. (pan-specieal)
Bogus Gov. Crap 'grass'

Less "Fescue too!" More bent creeping, by our (Hon.) Members}

ALL Scenes, featuring "soiled undies," (gotcha) eh, priority, must:

1/Be vetted, "Constitution-wize" by the ever, affable Stevie Hadley, (tented fingers, forked tongue)

2/Endorsed, by swift response crews, at the RNC, who are both, Regent Falwell Scholars and have successfully combleated,

(So as to be furry, in the fold.)

3/Clown College, at the "Circus of Traditional Family Affaires'"

New Bib Campus(sy), Bah Ram U.

4/Chez, sweet Ayny (L.) Colder's winter stomping grounds.

A "Barrel of Macacas," yeah? Maybe, even

A palpable _? Well, that depends on U tubing.

Oh, 'THAT' The other "MEL-" thing?

Well, when ICE, ON LAND, MELTS,

"It be long OCEAN, Deeper, Wider, Higher,

"If Yr. a 'shore bird' not good Tidings."

Check with Tush el-Bimbo, he'll explain:

("Freshwater Perturbations of Haline Concentrations in the Davis Strait, as a Function of Oceanic, Thermal Current Vectors" Victor.)

Everything. With Yr. favourites: familiar, viciously, vicarious anal probes.

It's Lush's long suet.

All you cutie buns, ("") ditzziods,

Giving heed(Sp?) sucking on loaded, wooden see-gars,

Sure, he's got a Smokin' "plan-a-tell-ya,"

Butt it's a show "BIT," Folks, it's in Yr. teeth, not hizzuns.

Deep in the bottom, of Yr. heart, you know he's a bummer.

So, who to pick, to STAR, on Banjo, Bowie Knife, Bow+Arrow?

Who but a smirking chimp, could ever ape, (shit)

Great mimics (Guiness,Sellers,Murphy) in multi-role cameos?

Why not a 'coffer filler upper'?? For Barbie's L'il Georgie:

Our Decisive, Fearless, Run-around-Sooey. (Heh Heh Heh:)

My time is Yr. time, but it's getting rather late,

For the children?

Don'tcha, whaddaya?

Drip, drip, drip,

"Hiss h'ar corn? it's sumpin' special, ain't it?"

You said a whole mouthful, Pardner,

Keep Yr. paddle in the water.