Thursday, October 25, 2007

"It's Often Hard to Ketchup on WTF Condi Meant,

Multi-Tasking yesterday with C-span, Nat King Cole and a modicum of "Chateau Thames Embanquement" when suddenly:

Condoleezza, Condoleezza, Chevron named her,
Only born again draft dodgers make her smile.
Orders come, right from her Bushy, or Dick Cheney,
Or is the policy directed, by Carlyle?

If those Children have to die, to keep the price up,
On the Sacred Sands above the Holy Oil,
It's a write-off, just the cost of doin' bidne$$,
Seven sisters will reward her pious toil.

Like the Hummer buying ditzy, on the TV,
If you diss her, in a sandbox, you are toast,
Not yet time to talk of Peace, or stop the bombing,
Stunned survivors wander on the oily coasts.

Condoleezza, Condoleezza, Who's Yo' Daddy?
Guns and ammo, price$, profit$ matter most?
Compliments of Texaco, we have a road map,
Some of us don't want to greet, the Holy Ghost.

Condoleezza, cruises talk shows, often Sundays.
When she anchors, foxy pundits are agog.
Paths to Peace are rarely paved, with good intentions,
A little nuke, or two, can always do the job.

Condoleezza, Condoleezza, tickles ivory,
Reminiscing with her long-time love Chopin,
Who makes her smile, a little moue, almost a grin,
Almost as though she's secretly, been at the gin.

It's not Yr. will, it's what you wont, dear Condoleezza,
Have you noticed that, we're running out of time?
You must be quick, more dead will pile up, Condoleezza,
This Bushwa's long gone stale, and Yr. all still on our dime.

Condoleezza, Condoleezza, barges freely,
'Round the World she sails, so stylish and sublime.
Are you warm, are you real, Condoleezza?
When you lie there, Children die there.

Condoleezza, Condoleezza, pay attention,
Persian poppys blow above the graves, Again!
In the scripture, rapture barely rates a mention,
Only Peacemakers go First Class, on the train.


So, considering Erato's such a fickle, "Be-atch" we doubled the usual meds (Cognac, cannabis and occassional coitus) and switched to a more southernly, (traditional) feed, on the crystal set:

Sloe Delta, with Robert Johnson on slack, slide, empty bottle guittar, Lightnin' Hopkins on washtub-bass and Bro Ray piano/vocals, Louis sittin'in on horn, occasionaly assisting on harmony:) a "Core-tet" don'tcha know?

Lento>Allegro:) Let the rhythm, come to you.

Barbie's little Georgie loves Grover Norquist;
Barbie's little Georgie thinks Ralph Reed's cool.
Barbie's little Georgie don't do no research;
Barbie's little Georgie likes Bob Jone's school.

Call up the Guard, give us Yr. kid,
Halliburton don't need to bid.
Put out that joint! Carry full term!
We must protect our Sacred Sperm.

Barbie's little Georgie don't talk to heathens;
Barbie's little Georgie will make us safe.
Barbie's Big Georgie works for Carlyle;
Barbie's little Georgie is such a naif.

Go to the Mall! Buy more crap,
Yr. grandkids will take the rap.
Buy another hummer or an ATV,
Cheney's on a roll in Araby.

Barbie's little Georgie don't do no science;
Barbie's little Georgie gets news from God.
Barbie's little Georgie is The Decider;
Barbie's little Georgie "plays" with the dog.

Homeless kids, got no healthcare;
It's their fault, they must get straight.
Be a Yalie, wear a beanie,
Lead the cheers, avoid debate.

Barbie's little Georgie was court appointed,
Barbie's little Georgie likes slashing brush.
Barbie's little Georgie has LOT'S of free time!
Rides his bike, Rove pats his tush.

So, If you agree, that War is Peace,
Praise the Lord and pass tax cuts,
Laisez les bons temps roulez, now.
Soon it won't matter anyhow.

Barbie's little Georgie's still gots time comin',
Lots of crucial Bills to pass.
Barbie's little Georgie won't wed no Homos!
Barbie's little Georgie protects his ass.

Barbie's little Georgie deserves impeachment;
He says he's above all Laws.
Swore to protect the Constitution,
Well that was just some more Bushwa.

So, come onboard raise up Yr. glass!
Neo-cons ain't nuthin' butt gas.
Save the Land, weed (out) this Bush!
When he shoves, back we must push!
SIGN UP AND VOTE, (be a mule)
Let's revive the Golden Rule!

Cheers Yanks! From Yr. boreal pals, with whom you once,( upon atime) shared the "World's Longest UNdefended Border" and, at least SOME INTEREST in DUE PROCESS, PEACE, Order and good Governance.

Remember? Je me souviens.

P.S. This "Southern Song" is better when sung LOUDLY, over+over, by LARGE CROWDS, full of cheap wine, and Steely resolve, Dan.

We say, PETE SEEGAR! MegaMench, Troubadour Transcendental, River Keeper Extraordinaire, Summa cum Laude, next year, in Oslo,(Peace is awarded in Norway, other Nobels in Stockholm) raise Yr. hands?

Condi 'splains to Congress that Blackwater's raping, pillaging etc. is an 'unfortunate' Blackhole in LAW,

A "lacuna" for all us dummys.

Well Condi, you can cry us a mesopotamia, you stunned..."Punt it down the road,"

You, you, vertically mobile, child of Birmingham, where many marched, and died, presumably within the ambit of both Yr. most private memories, and pain.
Bright, musical, goodlookin' and alledged, by old chums, to have some slight sense, of the plight of so many others, and humour.
Stanford Scolar, Professor, Prosvost, Chevron, Advisor, Diplomat, Friend of Pete's.

When, you write Yr. "Book," would you be so kin, as to tell us,

Just where, on this journey's arc, did that slightest of speed wobbles, become the spectacular, (frightening for all) pas de deux dance macabre, entre Walker et Toi?

(EDIT NOTE: Evidently, the following continues the head quote, (longwinded old bugger, ain't 'e?)

("Arrgh! Billyboyo, welcome aboard laddie.

Have ye niver slung Yr. hook afore?

Drop Yr. seabag and squint! Me Hearty!

Mucho, in-crowd banter follows, leading a sleight titter, to run amongst his new crewmates:)

"So good on Ya! To the protester who confronted Herself, today.

"She, the protester, is absolutely, compleatly and utterly correct,

"She 'had' every 'Right' to say what she will, to 'Her Sec.State.'

Until quite recently.."

And the condiment, as hands-on blood, was an elegant gesture.

Those Persian Carpet invoices?

Fuggetaboutit, Condi, in a master stroke, cancelled their visas.

This Year? In Jerusalem?

You go Girl, or keep on cruisen'.

Don't get us started on Georgie Porgie, for pity's sake.

Pax Vobiscum.