Friday, October 12, 2007

"Favour Us, With a Tune, Won't You Soon?"

See Children, the Blues are rooted, Deep in the Earth, our Hearts and Silly Little Noggins.

Jazz (the Trunk) is an Ancient Alchemy of "What if?"

Slow down, listen, think, re-phrase, tempo, maybe this way, Louis and Darwin did.

Taller than Sequoias, Older than Bristlecones ("Been here, heard that.")

Rhythm is what we are, though some deny and suppress this, usually 'cause someone else told them, "That's what MyGod wants, wishes, demands, of You."

As to Rolling Rocks, That's a big (Glacial) topic for later, but not much later, rumours of waxing change are afoot.

Ever since "Soul," replaced "Race," as a (useful to some) modifier in the American Canon, many "Religiosos" have become increasingly confused.

Even those who (quel dommage) avoided dancing altogether, a priori.

Because Music hath Charms,

It's Witch Craft Wicced.

It gets you, you don't get It.

So, Come on, Folks, let's all climb onboard.

"You Don't Need No Ticket to Ride This Train."

"Embolden!" Enoble Yr. Out!-Look-Out!

(Go Tribe, show those Beantown Hosers)

So,What do Jimmy Carter and Al Gore have, that the current "Posse Cummin' at US" lacks?

Right, the former were elected, Lawfully.

Decent, caring, hardworking smart Earthlings, who pay close attention, sense the danger, doing their level best to alert the rest of us meerkats.

Pilloried by pissants for their trouble.

No good deed ever goes unpunished.

Another Northern Mid-October day, (+30C) sweaters rusty.

If (FISA) eaves-dripping is like melting, or dropping, (Bush)

Let's all, listen carefully.

"...She walked (away) with all (of) my CD's.... But I still Believe in Love.....Yes I Do!.....jus' not with You." Jack Soul

Get well Haydain.