Wednesday, October 24, 2007

"A Useful Remedy among the Ashes"

Having watched the premier of "Planet in Peril" (great race to extinction) ably hosted again by A.C., unbidden thoughts of 'rough justice' haunted our dreams.

Given that there are far too many people and many of them feel 'right' in converting any other living thing to Kwick Kash,

Damn the consequence, to all Life on Earth,

Given that Pres Gush loves to compare his Wartime acumen to that of Churchill,

Let's invoke+apply historically appropriate, Churchillian standards, to all those who traffic in treason, wildlife and guns.

Suppose Valerie P. been a char at Blenchley Park?

Summary Execution, for Novak and the other dealers?
Absolutely! Pass the gun, son.

While we're at it, could one of those NRA CHC's, so expert in baring arms, produce a tee-shirt worthy explanation of how to 'load' after the gun is 'locked' ?!

All cattle, no hat.

None of 'em could organize a beer sale on a troop ship.

Re: recent "Blooms" in the desert canyons of California?

"Clearly, this is unrelated to anthropo-idiocy."

Who knew that James Baldwin was so precient a Moonbat, environmentaly?

Ready? Aim!

See ya, next time.