Thursday, August 30, 2007


The best part of Rush Limbo's (How low can you go?) daily entertainment is the lisping baby talk he affects to denigrate the "Enemy," particularily anyone or thing however remotely associated with the "Democrat" party although ees a puzzlement how a descriptive invoking handsome cabriolets is pejoritive, but that's his enduring charm, being not even wrong and putting the cart before the mule.

This (s)talking point has outlived the once robust "Upper"down vote which was quietly retired at midnight on '03 Nov. '06.

Although there's much bleating over this presumed canard, by progressive English majors everywhere, none of the ripostes in the blogisphere seem quite, le mot juste, here's a suggestion.

Grand(ios) certainly, Old (White+male) you bet, but Party (Not much fun); let's call them the Pubics.

Short, catchy and redolent of that portion of the body politic fundamental to all fundamentalists.

Whaddaya, whaddaya?

Update: 03Sept07
Lush Bimbo reprised KKKarl's recent show+tell for dittoheads+wingnuts on the EIB (Egregiously Ignorant Bigots) network today.
Among the usual curious assertions was the startling news that Turd Blossom, an autodidact, had bested the Scholar (Yale+Harvard) in a hard fought Reading contest!

Shut Yr. mouf and pet a goat!