Thursday, August 30, 2007

From the mouths of babes

The recent hue+cry over Miss S. Carolina's ad lib is a template for the avalanche of drivel that passes as commentary in most media.
Here's a novel idea, rather than repeating hearsay, let's read what she said.

Challenged to opine on the sorry state of U.S. geoliteracy she begins by clarifying "U.S. Americans," a particularly useful definition for the rest of us between Cape Horn and the North Pole.

She then alludes to the dearth of "Maps" (Viz. atlases, almanacs, or books of any description) in most U.S homes.
She then, quite rightly, cites South Africa, Iraq and Asia as global points where rampant U.S. ignorance (Folly is assumed) compounds, rather than ameliorates, misery.
She concludes by suggesting that better education in the U.S would help everyone.

All in all, a cogent, coherent, simple, sane syllogism from premise to conclusion.
Moreover, the entire tone+thrust of her argument indicates the kind, warm heart of a teen who wants to help.
As to the braying nitwits who scoff at her syntactical missteps, go back and parse the wit+wisdom of GWB.