Monday, December 1, 2008

Prime Minister Bojangles

Harp's flacks flog further fictions to fawning CTV repeaters.

Never mind the Hollywood Stars, if fancy dancin' tickles Yr. fancy, watch the nifty neo-con footwork, on display, now 'til 08Dec08.

Evidently, the "inadvertant intrusion" of a semi-armed (tape/taser?) one of Harpoon's crew, into an NDP caucus mtg.(WTF?) "proves" that opposition parties routinely discuss alternate governance, en deux langues.
Wow! dey sho' profundis.

Bushy's little beaver's in check, and if the Commons can vote not to prorogue, that's mate.

Then we may have to endure a coalition representing +60% of us Canucks, led by the author of the Clarity Act, friend (+master) of Kyoto.
So, what's first, Senate reform and pubic posturing or the environment/economy/extinction issues?

Will no one rid me of these meddlesome priests?

Whaddya, whaddya.